I try not to boast that my partner is from Canada, he’s certainly not boasting about the fact I’m from the UK, however I’ll admit it's definitely not the worst thing I could have hoped for. Although we met in New Zealand and currently reside in Australia, this Christmas after almost three years away he flew home, and I happily followed. This would be my first time visiting Canada, and the thought of experiencing my first white Christmas, a life long dream of mine, was itself enough for me to jump at the opportunity. That and the chance to beat my brother to his favourite country :')
Among the many highlights - Ice Skating on a real lake, snowboarding, meeting the family, visiting Lake Louise - snowshoeing was perhaps the most adventurous of this trip. I may be the only one to have never heard of snowshoeing before, but I know I wasn’t the only one not to have tried it before.
Snowshoeing is a lot of fun, it’s wonderful to come to a country where hiking is not always weather dependable, even if to do so you need strange snow-made flippers attached to your feet, however I also realised, after some stubborn protesting, it’s not quite as easy as it looks. Conquering tiny slippery slopes after numerous attempts is quite the achievement, much like reaching the peak of a mountain in summertime, only with more cause for frustration.
Nonetheless everyone knows how beautiful snow can make even the dullest of places, like icing on a cake. Places become unrecognisable, hidden beneath a blanket of glistening fluffy white goodness. I enjoyed being up close to the magical winter scenery, witnessing a real life winter wonderland. This was just a taste of what Canada has to offer, and the adventures that await. I can’t wait to return, and with determination to master this sport once and for all.
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